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Professional Service

On top of the most efficient and ecological solution, you're backed up by the top quality and professional service with a smile.

Business Opportunity

Equipped with everything your customers need to perform their task, renting our vehicles turns into a money making machine.

Priced Just Right

Get yourself the sweetest deal, tailored to your needs, because you don't want to spend so much money on a simple solution.


The most economy job transporter

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Vehicle Common UsesThese are just few suggested applications




Security personnel, Handyman, Cleaning services, Management, Etc. The need for human and tools transportation around building complexes is overlooked - most managing groups are overspending on transportation.



Planning your next big event? A production company? Movies, Music Videos, Carnivals, Parades... You can't spend time walking all day in the sun. Buy or rent this lightweight vehicle, and save valiable time!



Shopping Centers/ Malls

Service around your shopping center or Mall. Transport people in need around in a very quiet environmental-friendly vehicle, which can travel for few days on a single charge. Offer your transportation service indoors or outdoors.



Hospitals spend in average 18% of a given employee time on transportation. Whether it is moving people or medical tools/equipment - this vehicle can save your organization time and money by shorten transportation time.




Moving in or outdoors of a terminal with or without passengers and baggage is a necessity. This vehicle is tailored to the need of your security, flight crew, vendors and transportation services. All with safety and green environment in mind.



Students and Faculty staff, maintenance and security personnel - they all deal with the same issue - universities are spread over many square miles, which makes transportation between buildings a necessity. We are the solution!